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Zap-it!® Pore Clarifying Cream

Zap-it!® Quick Stick

Access Performance Bars - Chocolate Peanut Butter Krisp, 10 pk

Access Performance Bars - Chocolate Caramel Kruncher, 10 pk

Activate Immune Complex®

Advanced Expressions Conditioners

Advanced Expressions Rebuilding Conditioner

Advanced Expressions Shampoos

Advanced Expressions Styling Foam

Advanced Expressions Styling Gel

Advanced Expressions Styling Spray

Antibacterial Liquid Soap

Attain Meal Bars

Attain Shakes

Body Satin Hydrating Body Lotion

Body Satin™ Antiperspirant & Deodorant

Body Satin™ Plus Nourishing Body Scrub

Breathaway Mouthwash

Calmicid® Antacid Plus


Cellular Delivery Hydrating Mask

Clear Power®

Cool Shot Mouth Spray

CounterAct® Acetaminophen PM

CounterAct® Cough Relief Medicine

CounterAct® Extra Strength Acetaminophen

CounterAct® Ibuprofen

CounterAct® Kids Multi-Symptom Cold plus Cough

CounterAct® Kids Pain Reliever/Fever Reducer

CounterAct® Night-Time Cold, Allergy, Sinus Medicine

Daily for Life Pack™

Day Cover Creme to Powder Foundation

Day Cover Liquid Foundation

Daytime Delivery Moisturizing Creme

Daytime Delivery Moisturizing Lotion

Denti-Care™ Pack

Denti-Clean - Classic Tooth Polish

Denti-Clean - Extra-Whitening Toothpaste

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Dermatin™ Antifungal Cream

Dual Cover Eye and Face Concealer

Ecosense® Laundry Pack

Enhance Eye Shadow

Enhance Eyeliner


Exceed Dental Floss

Eyewear Refirming Creme

FiberWise Bars


Final Touch Loose Powder

Final Touch Powder Blush

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Freshen Balancing Toner

G'Day® Herbal Tea

Gentle Care Nourishing Eye Makeup Remover

Hand Creme

Hot Shot Mouth Spray

Insta-Fresh Dental Gum

Koala Pals® Bubble Bath

Koala Pals® No Tears Conditioning Shampoo Plus Detangler

Koala Pals® Sparkling Tooth Gel

Lemon Brite™


Mate® After-Shave Balm

Mate® AH Firming After-Shave

Mate® Cologne

Mate® Conditioning Shave Gel

Mate® Shower Gel

Mate® Sport Antiperspirant Deodorant

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Melaleuca Blossom Candle

Melaleuca Essentials™ Antibacterial Foot Spray

Melaleuca Essentials™ Shave Creme

Melaleuca Oil




Multi-Action Vitamin Complex

Naturals Clear Defense Hand Gel

Naturals Herbal Shampoo

Naturals Invisible Solid Deodorant

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Naturals Melaleuca Oil Shampoo

Nature's Cleanse® Feminine Douche

Nicole Miller Lip Gloss

Nicole Miller Necessities Set

Night Release Moisturizing Creme

NM Nail Color

No Work™ Daily Shower Cleaner



Perfecting Eyebrow Pencil

Perfecting Lash Formula

Perfecting Lip Color

Perfecting Lip Liner

Perfecting Lip Treatment







Renew Bath Oil

Renew Creamy Cleanser

Renew Foaming Facial Cleanser

Renew Intensive Skin Therapy

Replenex® Joint Replenishing Complex


Revitalize Advanced Hydroxy Creme


Rustic Touch®

Serene® Body Creme

Serene® Women's Perfume

Sol-U-Guard® Disinfectant


Sole to Soul® Revitalizing Foot Lotion

Sole to Soul® Revitalizing Foot Scrub

Sun Valley™ Firming Body Lotion

Sun Valley™ Home & Linen Mist

Sun Valley™ Home Baked Candles

Sun Valley™ Seasons Candle

Sun-Shades Lip Balm

Sun-Shades Sunblock

Sun-Shades™ After Sun Hydrogel E

Super-Concentrated Diamond Brite® Gel


The Gold Bar®

The Melaleuca Platinum Bar

The Melaleuca Titanium Bar

The Perfect Look Collection

The Vitality Pak - Prenatal

Timeless Age-Defying Serum

Tough & Tender® Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner

Triple Antibiotic Ointment

Tub & Tile™ Soap Scum and Water Spot Remover


Vitality Pak

Welcome Home Candles

Zap-it!® Acne Treatment System

Zap-it!® Deep Cleaning Astringent

Zap-it!® Facial Wash


Presenting the Power of Melaluca Products - July 2008 “No other business opportunity has what Melaleuca has to offer. That means this is a business proposition that works because customers come back again and again for these products they can't live without. ” - MCKAY CHRISTENSEN Chances are, you've recently talked with a friend, family member or even a complete stranger about Melaleuca's products. You might be a full-time or parttime business builder, or you might be a customer wanting to share your experience about a product you love. Have you ever found yourself struggling to find the right words to share Melaleuca's incredible products with others? You're probably better at sharing product experiences than you think. Nonetheless, I'd like to talk about how I share the products when I talk with others. I find it's usually easier when I keep it simple. I also share the “how” or “why” behind the product. Sharing the “why” or “how” behind the product's effectiveness or uniqueness is critical to create belief in the product. Often we share our product experiences, but forget to share the reason the product works. When we neglect to explain why the products are unique and effective, customers are left wondering if our experience is just your impression or real science. So, I'd like to share a few specific examples of how I would talk about some of our most popular products. Hopefully, you'll see how unique our product line is and get some ideas to make your next product presentation more compelling. In my opinion, no company has the amazing collection of patented, unique and easy-to-talk-about products that we have here at Melaleuca. That's why building a Melaleuca business works. Let's start with Diamond Brite® automatic dishwashing detergent. This is an amazing product! It took our scientists years to develop. Why? Because we were doing the impossible! Prior to Diamond Brite, no one could make a dishwashing detergent without phosphates or chlorine bleach. Diamond Brite is three times concentrated. That means one-third less waste in the landfills, one-third less fuel used in shipping, and it lasts three times as long under your sink. That means you save money while saving the environment. But here's the great news: Unlike almost all grocery store brands, Diamond Brite has no chlorine bleach. Go look on the grocery store shelf; you'll see one dishwashing detergent after another with chlorine bleach, and most require safety caps. Why do the brands sold in the grocery store use chlorine bleach? Because it works! But we've developed a patented formula that works like the very best but uses ingredients that are safer for your home. And, Diamond Brite has no phosphates, which is great for the environment. Concentrated, less expensive, effective, safer for your home, less harmful to the environment and patented. No other company has Diamond Brite. Not anyone, anywhere. Let’s look at Sol-U-Guard Botanical®. In the United States, when you want to sell a disinfectant that kills germs and bacteria like salmonella and staph, you must register that product with the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA verifies it disinfects and also oversees all these types of products and certifies disinfectants. Take the best selling products in the grocery store and compare them to Sol-U-Guard Botanical—Sol-U-Guard will be the disinfectant without chlorine bleach or ammonia as the active ingredient. Instead we use an essential oil from the herb thyme. This is the first patented, EPA-registered botanical disinfectant formula in the market. Sol-U-Guard Botanical is exclusive to Melaleuca. While we're talking about safer-for-your home products, let's look at another: Clear Power®, our powerpacked glass cleaner. It's six times concentrated. To do the same number of washes with Windex®, you'll spend about $6.43 more than with Clear Power.* And, more importantly, Clear Power has no ammonia, making it safer for your home. Again, you'd be amazed at how many of the best-selling window cleaners' resort to ammonia as their primary ingredient. Why? It's cheap and it works. But with innovative science, Melaleuca has developed a product that is safer for your home, cleans streak free, dries fast and leaves your windows powerfully clear. And yes, It's exclusive to Melaleuca. Another great EcoSense™ product is Tub & Tile® bathroom cleaner. For fun, we regularly perform a demonstration that really gets the attention of our customers. In our demonstration, we take two pieces of clear plastic full of soap scum and other deposits just like you would find on your bathroom tile. Then we dip one of the plastic slides in Tub & Tile and the other in Lime-AWay ®. No scrubbing, no fuss. The result? The plastic slide dipped in Tub & Tile, comes out perfectly clean while the slide dipped in Lime-AWay ®, still needs cleaning. Best of all, Tub & Tile is safer for your home and uses no chlorine bleach. In addition to being safer for your home, Tub & Tile is also easier on your wallet as it is four times concentrated. One bottle of Tub & Tile equals six bottles of Lime-A-Way®. To clean the same amount with Lime-A-Way® you'll spend about $15.70* more and clean less effectively. Best of all, you can only get Tub & Tile's unique and exclusive formula at Melaleuca. I love MelaPower HE® laundry detergent for high efficiency washers. It's six times concentrated and each small concentrated bottle saves you $4.99 versus the big waterfilled tubs you need to buy from the largest brand sold in the grocery store. You are also throwing away six times less waste in the landfills. Yet, MelaPower® is ph-balanced, safe for your skin, gentle on your clothes but cleans exceptionally well. And, the formula is exclusive to Melaleuca. As you can probably tell, I'm really excited about Melaleuca's product line and, so far, I've only shared with you a few of our EcoSense household products—which are safer for your home and save you money every time you use them. Now, let's shift gears to talk about some other unique and exclusive Melaleuca products. Prostolic® is literally a scientific breakthrough based on years of research. Prostolic uses a highly researched and proprietary tripeptide along with other key ingredients to naturally support healthy blood pressure levels. The power of these tripeptides is backed by 12 human studies to show its effectiveness at lowering blood pressure. It works and is easy to test. So here's a challenge for you, and I really encourage you to try this: monitor your blood pressure, take Prostolic® for several weeks and then check your blood pressure again. See the results for yourself. Best of all, a month's supply is only $19.99 for Preferred Customers. And, again, only Melaleuca sells this proven formula. While Prostolic® is great for supporting healthy blood pressure, Phytomega®, another unique Melaleuca product, will help lower your cholesterol naturally. Cholesterol is naturally produced by your body and is also present in many of the foods we consume such as dairy and meat. When our body gets too much cholesterol it can build up in our arteries and can lead to serious health problems.** Phytomega uses plant sterols. These phytosterols take the place of cholesterol in the arteries so more cholesterol leaves your body as waste instead of lining the walls of your blood vessels.*** To work, however, phytosterols need to be combined with fat. That's why you'll see phytosterols combined with margarine. But putting phytosterols in saturated fat is like putting vitamin c in a cigarette. Better, but still not good. So we combine phytosterols with omega-3 essential fatty acids. Omega-3s are good for you and good for your heart.† The ingredients in Phytomega are backed by numerous human studies. And, simply stated, Phytomega works. We have story after story from our customers who've seen their cholesterol lowered by taking Phytomega®. It costs less than $0.70 a day. Best of all, it was developed by Melaleuca scientists and belongs only to us. Let's move onto another heart healthy product exclusive to Melaleuca: FiberWise®. Each day, we're supposed to get 30 grams of fiber. You would get that if you ate 17 cups of spinach or 17 prunes. But the average person only gets about 15 grams per day or less from their diet. FiberWise Drink Mix has a total of 12 grams of dietary fiber in each serving, of which 10 grams are soluble fiber and 3.4 grams come from psyllium husk as a primary fiber source. The evidence behind psyllium is so compelling that the FDA has issued a statement that diets that have at least seven grams of soluble fiber from psyllium husk may reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol. In each serving of FiberWise Drink Mix, you get 3.4 grams of this key soluble fiber, and that's 40 percent more psyllium husk fiber than the leading competitor's original product. FiberWise also has fiber from oats and rice to help remove toxins from your digestive tract along with a host of other ingredients to improve digestion and colon health. Best of all, FiberWise tastes great, mixes easily and works great as a standalone drink or as part of a breakfast shake. Now, we've done something unique: we've extended FiberWise to cereals and breakfast bars. When you eat a serving of our FiberWise cereal or a breakfast bar, you're getting six grams of fiber, including fiber from the allimportant psyllium husk and a great tasting way to start your day. No other cereal, no other breakfast bar has that level of fiber. Next time you go to the grocery store, look at the labels and compare. You wont find anything like it. FiberWise isn't sold anywhere else; it's exclusive to Melaleuca. Now, what about the other 30 products in our Vitality for Life product line? I won't tell you about them all, but let's look quickly at great tasting Sustain® Sport. Sustain has two more electrolytes than original Gatorade® lemon lime but does it with only 30 calories per serving compared to the 120 calories in lemon lime Gatorade at a cost of $0.50 less per serving. Best of all, Sustain comes in a take-a-long packet and, as a result, a lot less waste goes into our landfills. No one else has Sustain. The formula belongs exclusively to Melaleuca. Attain® healthy shakes and bars have the patent-pending CraveBlocker™ technology. CraveBlocker is a patentpending formula that helps your stomach feel full and releases the chemical CCK, a hormone that tells your brain to turn off hunger cravings. Attain has no caffeine, stimulants or hormones. It controls hunger cravings naturally. And, of course, since we are based in Idaho, we do that in part by using new science we've discovered in proteins from the potato. No one else has the formula, and nothing works like Attain. Now, we've only talked about a few of our products, but let's pause just for a minute. Are these products people would want to use? Of course. Are they unique to your business? Yes. Are they consumable and used over and over again? What's more consumable than cereal, snacks, blood pressure solutions, or dishwashing detergent. Are you getting the idea as to why the Melaleuca business opportunity is so powerful? Let's move on to a few other products: Renew™ Lotion is an intensive skin lotion that works like no other. If you have chronic dry skin caused by skin conditions like eczema, then you need Renew. An independent research firm conducted a blind study with Renew and the well-known skin lotion Eucerin®. A blind study means that the people participating in the test didn't know which product they were testing. Everyone who participated suffered from severe dry skin. Those using Renew saw clear results in 24 hours. Their skin was softer, smoother, and moisturized. After 14 days, Eucerin still didn't show the same results as Renew in the first day or two. After using the products for 14 days, the subjects stopped using anything for seven days. What were the results after that week? Renew users still reported a 55 percent improvement in skin smoothness, for example, and the Eucerin users' skin returned to the same condition as it was when they were recruited for the test. In short, Renew works. Want proof? Just ask a Renew customer to share their experience and show you their skin. Renew goes on light and works better than anything we've tested. We often do a simple demonstration with these products, an oil absorbing sheet and a piece of black tile. Put Renew on the back of one hand and Eucerin on the other. Then put the oil absorbing sheets on the back of each hand and put the sheets on the black tile so you can see the sheets clearly. You'll see that the Renew sheet is clear and Eucerin is greasy. That's because Eucerin uses a high concentration of mineral oil that forms a film on the skin. And no one, no other company, anywhere has the formula found in Renew. It belongs only to Melaleuca. Melaleuca has an exclusive line of dental products. Melaleuca's Whitening Tooth Polish is like no other. Many 8 Leadership In Action Magazine dental products strengthen teeth with fluoride but forget to add ingredients that fight bacteria, the root cause of tooth decay. Plaque, tartar, cavities and periodontal disease are all caused by bacteria—specifically S. mutans which ferments the sugary foods we eat and creates an acid that can dissolve tooth enamel and form plaque. Fluoride strengthens tooth enamel but you need the natural bacteria fighting power of T36-C5® Melaleuca Oil, propolis, and myrrh. A study done at the University of Rochester showed that people who used propolis experienced a 61 percent reduction in the concentration of dental plaque. All you have to do is put Tooth Polish to the test. Use it and then see how your teeth and mouth feel. You will see a dramatic difference and healthier teeth and gums. Oh, and by the way, no one has the formulas found in Melaleuca's dental system. Envia Nature's Salon™ shampoo, conditioners, and styling products are simply amazing. I won't talk about them all, but let's focus on one—our beyondsalon- quality shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for color treated hair. If you color your hair, you go in about every 5–6 weeks for your color treatment and spend $60 to $200 each time. And, if you pay attention, you know that the sun and UV rays are the primary reason your color treatment doesn't last. In addition to the gentle cleansers, lipids and proteins for softening, 13 natural ingredients for conditioning and treating each strand, and sea-derived polymers to make your color treatment last longer, Envia products have a patented UV protection system that protects your hair from harmful UV rays. That's right, it's patented—only Melaleuca has it. And you'll not only have softer, manageable, beautiful hair, but you'll see your costly color treatment staying more vibrant and lasting longer. Melaleuca customers can't live without the Gold Bar®. The Gold Bar along with the other moisturizing luxury bath bars we sell are French milled (or hand milled). That means the finest ingredients in the Gold Bar are not just mixed, but processed by a series of pressurized temperature-controlled steel rollers that eliminate air bubbles and create a smoother, denser, longer-lasting luxury bar. The Gold Bar uses key ingredients like T36-C5® Melaleuca Oil, glycerin, and aloe vera to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth; you can feel the difference. Use your ordinary soap or bath bar, then use the Gold Bar. I guarantee you'll never go back to soap again. And, best of all, the Gold Bar, Platinum Bar and other luxury bath treatment formulas are exclusive to Melaleuca. No one has what we have. Pain-A-Trate® is powerful. With the U.S. pharmacopeia-approved pain reliever methyl-salicylate, menthol and camphor, you'll find soothing relief of muscle pain, stiffness, cramps and more when you apply Pain-ATrate cream. It's fast-acting, versatile and contains the penetrating benefits of and T36-C5 Melaleuca Oil. If you have back pain, hip or knee pain, neck pain, or a muscle strain, Pain-A-Trate can help and help fast. And, best of all, the formula belongs only to Melaleuca. I could talk about dozens of other exclusive Melaleuca products including Body Satin Lotion or Body Wash, Nicole Miller Eyewear Refirming Cream, Timeless Age-Defying Serum, the Access® Bar, Sun Shades™ sunscreen, or Replenex® joint replenishing complex, just to name a few. All of those products are exclusive to Melaleuca. Hopefully, you can see that each of these products stands by itself. I've only talked about a few products. But here at Melaleuca, we have hundreds to choose from. Each product has a unique and compelling reason to believe. We have patents, exclusive formulas, and truly unique products that people love to use. No other business opportunity has what Melaleuca has to offer. That means this is a business proposition that works because customers come back again and again for these products they can't live without.



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